On Instinct (Demo)

by Meaxic

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Verse 1

Walk the rope as we fight to hold
The bitter price to derail
Now can’t go back and start again
So fake
In innocent betrayl


Keep in play
(Keep in play, Desperate ways)


Bury the claws deep
Fail to understand
Premonitions of scars that we can’t defy
Drives instinctive hand
So pour the words of a tender deceit, slow and gentle
A dirty core undersees a mask of sweet surrender

Verse 2

Feed the beast with the lies, denials
Unaware it’s wrath
Play with fire, one more time
Surviving for now but how much longer


Chorus 2

Bury your claws deeper
Fear to lose it all
Refusing to face what we can’t deny
As the climb begets the fall
So whisper again the words of deceit you scared pretender
Cover the flaw filled face with a mask of sweet surrender

Last Chorus

Bury the claws deep
Fail to understand
The fear of the pain from a broken bond
Drives instinctive hand
So we suck it up, the words we receive, so slow and tender
Illusion of fantasy, the mask of sweet surrender


released January 25, 2013




Meaxic New York, New York

Solo project of Jeet Suresh Paul

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